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We craft not just boxes, but brand stories. Choose GPPacking custom packaging boxes and make every unboxing an unforgettable experience.

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All-in-one package design

With a tailored one-on-one consultation, you will receive a personalized experience from conception to production and delivery. Our mission is to provide you and your customers with an exceptional unpacking experience.

Choosing your printed packaging type

Get professional packaging and printing to boost your branding and marketing.

Variety of box styles and premium options
No minimum quantity
Get instant pricing
Full-color printing inside & out

Sturdy and durable packaging solution
Premium feel and appearance
Customizable sizes and shapes
Embossing and debossing options available

Exceptional strength and durability
Custom sizes and thickness options
Full-color printing for product information
Custom inserts and dividers

Sustainable materials and printing processes
Recyclable and biodegradable options
Eco-conscious design consultation available
Compliance with environmental standards

Diverse materials (foam, cardboard, molded pulp) Elevates product presentation and unboxing Tailored for single or multi-item packaging Offers easy removal and reusability

100+ different types of boxes to choose from.

Our powerful and diverse custom packaging box services include cartons, corrugated boxes, plastic packaging, environmentally friendly materials, gift boxes, envelopes and special shape designs.

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One-stop custom packaging manufacturer

We strive to deliver your customized packaging on time, within budget, and with an exceptional level of quality.

Raw materials

use high quality and environmentally friendly raw materials, in line with international safety testing standards


20 years of professional packaging design and planning team, specializing in high-grade packaging of precious commodities.


Senior craftsmen strictly control the craftsmanship, quality engineers strictly control the product.


Order specialists are responsible for the system, rapid response system to ensure that the completion of customer order requirements


Powerful after-sales team to follow up the return visit, packaging in the storage and use of the transportation process counseling

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Can’t Find Ideal Custom Packaging For Your Industries?

We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer free pakcing samples that you can take advantage of.

Custom Packaging Box Options

With our extensive library of customization options, there is no limit to the amount of inspiration you can put into perfecting your customized box.



Standard paper material, a singular layer of high quality, is ideal for versatile applications such as packaging and printing.


Rigid Board

Gray particleboard has a sturdy structure and is commonly used for packaging due to its recyclable nature, providing an environmentally friendly option.


Corrugated Paper

Triple corrugated board is extremely durable and provides excellent protection. We offer you a wide range of thicknesses from A corrugated to G corrugated.


Copper Plate Paper

Copperplate paper has a smooth and glossy surface, and the color is brilliant after printing. It is divided into single copper and double copper, and is commonly used in color boxes.


embossed paper

Embossed papers have a raised pattern or texture created through a pressing process. This technique enhances the visual and tactile appeal of the paper.


leatherette paper

leatherette paper is a synthetic material similar to genuine leather. It provides a cost-effective alternative to leather look on packaging boxes.


Soft touch paper

Soft touch paper is characterized by its velvety texture and has a smooth, luxurious feel. Ideal for high-end and jewelry packaging.



Glossy and smooth, used for producing paper bags, rigid cardboard gift boxes, magazine printing and paper manual printing.


Offset Printing

Ink is transferred from the printing plate to the blanket and then to the printing surface, allowing for high quality printing in large quantities.


Screen Printing

The ink is applied to the surface of the box through a mesh screen. This method allows for detailed and colorful designs that are suitable for custom packaging.


Digital Printing

Printing designs directly onto packaging materials using electronic transmission. It offers flexibility, cost-effectiveness and customization for smaller print runs.


UV Printing

Uses UV light to cure the ink immediately producing vibrant colors, enhanced durability and a glossy finish.


Flexographic Printing

Transferring ink to various substrates, such as cardboard boxes, using flexible letterpress plates is a common and efficient way to print large quantities with versatility and high quality.


Gravure Printing

Printing with rubber plates has the advantages of light printing pressure, high printing quality, wide range of applications, etc., and can achieve bright colors and delicate images.


Lasers engraving

The laser makes small cuts and engravings on the packaging material, cutting through the surface of the box and generating a skeleton pattern to form beautiful graphics.


Water-based Ink

An eco-friendly ink, with water as solvent, suitable for all kinds of printing, especially for food, medicine and other packaging printing with strict hygiene requirements.


Vegetable Ink

100% eco-friendly, soybean, flax and other plant-based inks are harmless to the environment and human health, and can be printed in vibrant colors.


Oil-based inks

Composed of oil and pigment, it produces bright colors and clear patterns. Its good adhesion and weather resistance maintains stable quality in various environments.


Fluorescent Color Ink

It can emit visible light under UV light irradiation, with bright and saturated colors to attract people’s attention. Meanwhile, it has certain anti-counterfeiting performance.



Standard color card, can ensure the consistency of the color of the printed materials, improve the printing effect, make the product more attractive.


EVA insert

EVA inserts can be molded 1:1 according to the shape of the product. It has good elasticity, flexibility, anti-stamping, and can well protect the goods from damage by external factors.



Sponge & Pearl Cotton Insert

Sponge is a kind of porous material, rich in good ductility and elasticity, good protection of fragile goods. Pearl cotton is made of low-density polyethylene resin through physical foaming to produce countless independent air bubbles.



Cardboard insert

Cardboard inserts are eco-friendly, easy to load and unload, and can be die-cut into various shapes of grooves to hold products in place.



Blister & paper-molded insert

Blister inserts are made from 1:1 injection molding and are more stable and compression-resistant than other inserts. The paper-plastic inserts are the newest environmentally friendly inserts, made of paper and fiber pulp, and are most commonly used for cell phone inserts.




The surface shows raised patterns and textures with obvious relief three-dimensionality, which enhances the artistic infectivity of the printed matter



The surface shows concave patterns and textures with obvious relief three-dimensionality, which enhances the artistic infectivity of the printed matter

spot uv

spot UV

Curing localized UV coating in designated areas, matte or glossy, to enhance the three-dimensionality and artistic effect of the pattern.


UV Vanish

Curing the ink by UV irradiation makes the surface smooth and glossy. It enhances color, glossiness.


Gold & Silver Foil

Transfer different metal foils, such as gold, silver, etc. to the surface of the package by thermal transfer, forming a unique metallic luster.



On the surface of the packaging coated with different materials of the protective film to make it more texture and aesthetics, and increase its moisture-proof, tear-proof and other properties.



Translucent engraving processing background or let the hollowed out part become a pattern. It allows consumers to visualize the product and increase the attractiveness of the product.



It can produce holographic patterns, rainbow luster unique visual effects on the box, with high resolution and accuracy, applicable to a variety of materials.


Superior Box Printing Technology

With our mastery and proficiency in offset printing, flexographic printing, gravure printing, screen printing, digital printing, and UV printing, you get accurate colors, layouts, and high-definition printing for every box.

offset Printing Effect

Offset Printing

Flexographic printing effect

Flexographic printing

Screen Printing Effect-1

Screen Printing

Digital Printing Effect

Digital Printing

Benefits of Custom Packaging Boxes

An appealing package that captures the essence of a brand makes a memorable first impression on shoppers and can serve as a value-adding touchpoint between product and consumer.

Differentiates from Competitors

Unique, customized boxes help products stand out on crowded shelves next to competitors with generic packaging.

Strengthens Brand Identity

Packaging that reflects a cohesive brand story and visual identity reinforces what a brand stands for each time a customer interacts with the product.

Builds Customer Affinity

Creative packaging in a brand's recognizable house style triggers an emotional response and sense of familiarity, nurturing customer relationships over time.

Facilitates Specialization

Packaging tailored for a specific product, cohort, or occasion better accommodates the item inside and suits customers' preferences and use cases.

Drives Engagement

Intriguing textures, finishes, opening mechanisms and supplementary info engage customers more deeply during unboxing and use.

Improves Functionality

Custom inserts, sleeves, and compartments designed for an individual item improve protection, portability, display and access to the contents.

Conveys Quality Cues

Details like soft-touch lamination, foil stamping and sturdy construction signal superior quality and luxury.

Offers Sustainability Benefits

Customization offers the possibility for boxes designed specifically for efficiency, recyclability and reduced waste.

Custom packaging solutions for every industry.

With GPPacking’s 10+ years of packaging experience covering over 60 industries and 2,000+ design examples, you can rest assured that your ideas will be given to us and realized for you.

















Bakery & Cake








How to Highlight Your Brand on a Box

Highlighting your brand on a box helps to increase brand awareness and draw customer attention to your products.

Vibrant Colors

Our printing process can reproduce colors with striking accuracy and vibrancy to perfectly match your brand palette. We'll collaborate to determine ideal pantone colors and finishes to make the hues pop.

Brand Messaging

We can integrate slogans, logos, or other defining text in a clean, minimalist way that uniquely captures your brand voice. Location and scale are customized to find the right emphasis.

Design Concepts

Work with our graphic artists to brainstorm creative concepts that aestheticly communicate your brand. Abstract shapes, textures, fonts all tailored to your style.

Decorative Details

Elevate through small touches like ceremonial ribbons, delicate patterns inspired by details from your product line, or even a subtle background watermark of your logo.


Showcase product imagery, ingredients, or behind-the-scenes shots to resonate with your customers and highlight what your brand values most.

Texture and Finish

Linen, matte, spot UV and other embellishments tailored so that your customers can start perceiving your brand the moment they pick up the box.

Trustworthy & reliable customized packaging Services

GPPacking is a large-scale comprehensive packaging enterprise with a long history, the group is supported by printing and packaging factories, professional gift box packaging, carton box packaging, leather box packaging and other high-grade packaging custom manufacturers, focusing on high-quality packaging and high-quality printing personalization.

Market Research & Trends

Prior to design, our team researches packaging trends, competitor landscape and your target consumer needs. This leads to optimal packaging offerings that meet market needs. The results are aligned with your brand objectives.

Unique cover design

We work with seasoned designers with over 10 years of experience to provide unique and interesting designs that help position your brand accurately in the marketplace.

Package structure design

We assist you in designing an impressive packaging structure that enhances your brand based on the form, functionality and effectiveness of your product.

SOP-based packaging quality control

With 8 quality QC inspectors, we have a strict inspection process from printing to finished product shipment with detailed signage. We are attentive, just to make you feel more at ease.

Rich customized matching packages

According to your requirements, in addition to customized boxes, we can provide you with a full set of customized solutions such as customized labels, printed brand cards, and packaging paper bags.

Sustainable Materials & Processes

We utilize recycled materials, non-toxic inks, and eco-friendly manufacturing processes for minimizing carbon footprint. This aligns with ethical and green business practices.

Fast packaging order delivery

All of our manufacturing processes are done at our production facility, which allows us to shorten lead times and deliver solutions on time.

Full After-Sales Service

We believe in working with you, which is why we offer after-sales services. They are designed to help you in times of trouble and remain effective throughout the life of your product.

How We Work

With our extensive library of customization options, there is no limit to the amount of inspiration you can put into perfecting your customized box.

printing plate

We adopt advanced CPT plate making technology to ensure the excellent quality of printed materials. During the production process, we strictly carry out color proofreading and test printing, and strive to provide you with high-quality boxes that meet the design requirements.



We have advanced printing equipments such as Roland and Heidelberg printing, supporting 1.7m roll paper slitting machine and full-open face paper cutter; we have various specifications of rolls of paper, which can be slit according to your needs and shorten the order time by 40%.


Surface treatment

More than 10 years of industry experience, served customers in more than 50 countries around the world. We are proficient in more than 10 kinds of surface treatment processes, such as embossing, UV coating and hot stamping, etc. and have achieved 98% customer satisfaction.



In addition to the usual glossy and matte films to protect the surface of your packaging, we also have other customized options to add creativity and security markings to our laminating process.



Our die-cutting accuracy is as high as 0.05 millimeters, which effectively ensures the accuracy of box size and shape. In addition, our productivity can reach up to 20,000 boxes per hour per machine.


Automatic Gluing

Our gluing speed is up to 100 boxes per minute, ensuring a quick response to your needs. We also undergo strict quality testing to ensure strong bonding, no breakage, no stains

Cost of Wholesale Color Boxes

Color box in addition to the fixed material costs and plate fees, start-up costs, post-process costs, are apportioned to each color box, if the number of color boxes do not reach the number of printers starting order, the cost will be much more expensive.

Raw material cost

The paper used for color box production includes coated paper, cardboard and so on. If the quantity purchased is small, the paper mill will consider the cost and development, and may raise the price or refuse to supply, thus leading to the increase of raw material cost.

Plate-making fee

Color boxes are customized products and user needs vary, including printing content, structure and size. You need to pay a plate fee, which mainly includes printing plates and knife plates. The production cost will be allocated to the unit price of the paper card.

Start-up fee

The cost of plate making and printing is fixed, for example, a set of four-color printing plates costs about 400 yuan. Four-color overprinting is required before formal printing. Color adjustment takes 30-40 minutes and consumes 200 sheets of adjustment paper. The larger the print volume, the lower the unit cost; the smaller the quantity, the higher the unit cost.

Post-processing fee

Post-processing such as lamination, local UV, hot stamping, and die-cutting all require plate making or die cutting, and also require debugging time. Like printing start-up fees, they are fixed costs. If the order quantity is small, the unit price will naturally be expensive.

box cost

Is your large printing company unwilling to handle small quantities? Lack of trust in smaller printers?

Rest assured, we welcome orders of all sizes, including branded and small to medium quantities. We specialize in personal customization and guarantee the same high-quality print as larger establishments.

packing manufacture-1

One of the top printed packaging manufacturers in China

A supplier that has been deeply involved in the printed packaging industry

In the last 20 years, we've made it happen:

2000+ customers worldwide trust us

Two Decades of Excellence

Over 20 years in the industry, delivering top-notch printing and packaging solutions.


Reduced client expenses by 15%, offering competitive pricing without compromising quality.


Innovative Packaging Solutions

Developed 50+ cutting-edge packaging designs, catering to diverse client needs.

99.9% On-Time Delivery

Consistent track record of meeting deadlines, ensuring timely product delivery.

CNC Paper Cutting
HEIDELBERG Printing Machines
Roland Printing Machine
Roland Printing Machine
Quality Control
Quality Control
Automatic Laminating
Automatic Laminating
automatic mounting
Automatic Mounting
automatic die cutting
Automatic Die Cutting
Automatic Box Gluing

Our Clients Speak for us

Thanks for always trusting & supporting us.

As a little startup still getting our groove, we needed some lipstick boxes that made a statement without busting our tiny marketing budget. GPPacking designed these knockout custom boxes for our first collection.
Alma Sainsbury
USA, Cosmetics
Finding an international vendor with slick designs can sometimes be tough, but these GPPacking guys really know their stuff. The new boxes for our electronics line look real sharp while also keeping our gadgets safe inside. Big thumbs up!
Gregary Bertie
Germany, Electronics
We ordered custom boxes from GP for our granola bars and they totally nailed the design. The boxes are super vibrant and look great on the grocery store shelf. Delivery was fast too even though we're all the way in the UK. Friendly cooperation!
Walter Violet
UK, Food Industry

Customized Packaging Solutions for Brands Big and Small

For Brand Owners

For Brand Owners

For Importers & Traders

For Retailers & Online Store Sellers


What is the minimum order quantity for customized packaging boxes?

It depends on the specific design and material. We will provide you with a detailed quote based on your needs, including the minimum order quantity.

What types of materials and finish options do you offer?

We offer a wide range of material options, including cardboard, corrugated board, etc., as well as a variety of finishes, such as matte, glossy, foil stamping, UV coating, etc. We also offer a wide range of other materials and finishes.

How is the cost of a customized box calculated?

The cost will be calculated based on factors such as design complexity, material selection, order quantity, and any special treatments (e.g. foil stamping, UV coating). We will provide you with a detailed quotation so that you can understand every cost.

What sizes and shapes of boxes do you offer?

We offer a wide range of customized sizes and shapes, whether it's a standard size or a special customization, we can meet your needs.

Can I ask for boxes with special features, such as magnetic, re-sealable, etc.?

Yes, we can add special features such as magnetic closure, reusable tape closure, etc. according to your needs.

How long does it take to complete my package design?

The design time depends on the complexity of the design, usually we will provide a preliminary design draft as soon as we receive your detailed requirements.

What environmental standards does my box need to meet?

The materials we use and the manufacturing process comply with international environmental standards, such as FSC certification, to ensure that your packaging is environmentally friendly.

Do you offer a sample making service for my boxes?

Yes, we will make samples before mass production for you to check the design, material and printing effect to ensure the final product meets your expectation.

Do you offer recycling or reuse program for the boxes?

We encourage sustainable packaging and can offer options for recycled or biodegradable materials to help your brand achieve its environmental goals.

Consult with an Exclusive Customized Packaging Specialist

One-stop service and favorable price

From design to printing, one-stop service saves your time. Provide bulk discounts for wholesalers to reduce purchasing costs.

Excellent printing quality

Advanced printing technology ensures bright colors and clear patterns. Use environmentally friendly materials to show corporate social responsibility.

Volume discounts

We offer competitive prices and volume discounts to reduce your purchasing costs and increase profit margins.

Flexible Logistics Arrangement

We cooperate with a number of logistics companies to ensure that your goods can be delivered to their destinations safely and on time.

Get Started with GPPacking!

We always want to make sure our customers get the best price, so please let us know what you are interested in and we will provide a quote!

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