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structural design

Our team of professional structural designers and engineers tailor the box structure and die-cut lines to your specific needs. Packaging design that perfectly fits your brand image.

What is box structure design

Structural design refers to the engineered construction and integrity of a printed packaging box to make it sturdy, protective, and functionally reliable for its intended contents and purpose.

Structural design

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Materials and Wall Strength

Selecting suitable cardboard or corrugated board materials and calibrating the wall thickness and density to offer sufficient strength without excessive bulk.

Locking structures

Structural design might incorporate tabs, tucks, and locking flaps to securely close the box.

Reinforcing edges

Structural weak points are often the corners and edges. Reinforced edges with multiple cardboard layers or metal staples help prevent crushing or tearing.

Load Testing

Structurally testing packaging designs with weighted loads to simulate stacking and compression during transport and storage. This validates the packaging's ability to withstand expected rigors.

Optimized Dimensions

Tailoring packaging dimensions to efficiently fit intended contents while conforming to standard pallet sizes, shipping container spacing, retail shelf space and other practical considerations.

Functional Elements

Adding handles, windows, opening instructions or other ergonomic and brand-focused details as compatible structural elements.

Customized Packaging Opening Experience

We specialize in creating unique packaging opening solutions, including convenient auto-bottom locking, secure magnetic closures, and easy-tear full-flap openings, ensuring a perfect blend of product presentation and user experience. Choose our customization service to make your products stand out in a competitive market.

Friction Fit Tuck Flap

Friction Fit Tuck Flap


Slit Lock Tuck Flap


Gusset Tuck


Locked Cap

Full Overlap

Full Overlap

Slit Folded Lock

Slit Folded Lock

Snap Lock Bottom

Snap Lock Bottom

Full Auto Bottom

Full Auto Bottom

How we can provide you with structural design

We are good at structural innovation, precise printing, exquisite surface treatment, and provide a variety of box type customization to ensure that your packaging design is unique and of excellent quality.

Internal structure

Internal structure

We will design the internal structure according to the characteristics and protection needs of the product. For example, for fragile items, we will design anti-shock cushioning layer, such as foam or air cushion, to reduce the impact during transportation. For products that need to be displayed, we may design transparent windows or display windows to make the products more attractive on the shelves.

We’ll also consider internal compartments to separate different product parts or accessories to ensure they don’t move around or bump into each other inside the box.

Compartments and padding

Compartments & padding

For extra protection, we add compartments and padding to the inside of the box. These can be foam, cardboard, plastic or fabric, depending on the sensitivity of the product and the level of protection required.

We calculate the thickness and distribution of the padding to ensure stability during transportation, while avoiding over-packaging and reducing material waste.

Support structures

Support structures

For products that require additional support, we design sturdy support structures, such as corner braces, edge reinforcements or internal frames, to enhance the overall strength and stability of the box.

These support structures not only protect the product, but also increase the weight-bearing capacity of the box to a certain extent, ensuring safety during stacking or transportation.



The design of the opening needs to take into account the user experience and the accessibility of the product. We will provide a variety of opening options, such as full-open, half-open, magnetic closure, zipper, etc., to meet the needs of different customers.

For packages that need to be opened and closed frequently, we prioritize durable and easy-to-open mechanisms.

Sealing method

Sealing method

The sealing method is crucial to maintain product freshness and prevent contamination. We choose the right sealing material according to the product’s characteristics, such as adhesive tape, heat-sealing film, self-adhesive seals, and so on.

For products that need to be protected from moisture, dust or maintain a specific gas environment, we will also consider using special sealing techniques such as vacuum packaging or gas-conditioned packaging.

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