Custom Packaging Solution

From initial design to final assembly, including printing, secondary processing, carton gluing and packaging, our custom packaging solutions provide a simple, fast and cost-effective experience.

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Leading Printed Packaging Supplier in China

As one of the leading packaging manufacturers in China, we customize quality printed boxes to display and protect your products. With state-of-the-art digital and offset printing, we can skillfully print beautiful graphics in up to 8 colors with embellishments. Our structural design team can customize sizes, shapes, windows, and inserts to perfectly fit your brand and product. From prototype to mass production, our custom printed packaging solutions can realize your vision.

95% More Color Accuracy

Advanced 8 color HD printing for photorealistic and vibrant graphics

10 Day Faster Prototyping

Rapid 10 day prototypes to quickly validate box designs

100+ Material Finishes

High gloss, soft touch, emboss & other premium print finishes for luxury

20+ Coating Options

Wide variety of aqueous and UV coatings adding luxury finishes

500k Boxes/Day

High volume offset & digital production for mass customization

50 Custom Tests Performed

Rigorously simulate weathering, drops, leaks to ensure box protection


20 Yrs


100 +


2000 +

Custom from source box manufacturer

Our custom boxes are tailored for a variety of products and industries, from chic elegance to creative unboxing experiences, to elevate your brand with impressive packaging.

One-stop custom packaging Solution

Our streamlined one-stop solution delivers premium custom packaging, seamlessly turning concepts into branded final products that impress overseas customers through integrated in-house design, production quality control, and logistics.

Meet all your customization options

With our extensive library of customization options, there is no limit to the amount of inspiration you can put into perfecting your customized box.



With a glossy coated surface, C1S offers vibrant printing, making it ideal for product packaging that demands a polished finish.



Paper coated on both sides, maximizing print quality, gloss and moisture resistance. Popular for high graphic packaging.

Kraft Paper

Natural Kraft Paper

Brown, unbleached paper made from wood pulp. Strong, breathable and low cost.

Woodfree Paper

Woodfree Paper(W/F)

Made from chemically-pulped hardwood and softwood fibers. Smooth, brighter surface than uncoated papers.

Color Woodfree

Color Woodfree

Offers a variety of shades for creative packaging, adding pops of color to enhance product visibility and appeal.



Clay Coated News Back – an economical paperboard with bright white clay coating for improved printing.

Metallic Paperboard

Metallic Paperboard

The surface has a metallic sheen and a unique texture. Ideal for luxury-feel packaging such as cosmetics and electronics packaging

Textured paperboard

Textured Paperboard

Surface with texture, good handfeel and rich visual effect. Commonly used in gift packaging and artwork protection.

White Kraft

White Kraft

High opacity, moisture resistant coated kraft with premium white shade for cosmetics and retail products.



Iridescent film laminate for decorative packaging with shifting rainbow effects. Provides security and anti-counterfeit.

Black Cardboard

Black Cardboard

An eye-catching black paperboard providing modern, luxury aesthetic for many packaging uses including perfumes, wines, and fashion.

coated Kraft

Coated Kraft (CCK)

Strong water-resistant kraft paper with a coating to improve print quality with good cost-performance balance.

Single Face

made of one layer of corrugated board and one layer of linerboard, simple structure, lower cost, suitable for lightweight packaging.

Single Wall

made of a single layer of corrugated board, lightweight and economical, suitable for inner packaging or light-weight items.

Double Wall

made of two layers of corrugated board and two layers of linerboard, provides extra strength and is suitable for medium-weight items.

Triple Wall

Three layers of corrugated board and top paper, strong structure, suitable for heavy weight items, providing better protection.

Common Appearance

Corrugated surface without special treatment, cost-effective and suitable for general commercial packaging.

WA Board

made of white face paper and corrugated board, with a whiter appearance, suitable for packaging that requires a certain level of aesthetics.

Double White Board

Both sides are made of white face paper with a neat appearance, suitable for packaging of high quality products.


Wide spacing between corrugations, provides good cushioning performance and is suitable for fragile items.


Moderately spaced corrugations provide both strength and cushioning, suitable for packaging a wide range of items.


Narrower flute spacing, sturdy structure, suitable for heavy items and products requiring extra protection.


Narrowest flute spacing, provides maximum strength and is suitable for heavy items and industrial packaging.


Widest spacing between corrugations, provides maximum cushioning, suitable for lightweight items but needing shock protection.


Water-based Ink

An eco-friendly ink, with water as solvent, suitable for all kinds of printing, especially for food, medicine and other packaging printing with strict hygiene requirements.


Vegetable Ink

100% eco-friendly, soybean, flax and other plant-based inks are harmless to the environment and human health, and can be printed in vibrant colors.


Oil-based inks

Composed of oil and pigment, it produces bright colors and clear patterns. Its good adhesion and weather resistance maintains stable quality in various environments.


Fluorescent Color Ink

It can emit visible light under UV light irradiation, with bright and saturated colors to attract people’s attention. Meanwhile, it has certain anti-counterfeiting performance.



Standard color card, can ensure the consistency of the color of the printed materials, improve the printing effect, make the product more attractive.


Offset Printing

Ink is transferred from the printing plate to the blanket and then to the printing surface, allowing for high quality printing in large quantities.


Screen Printing

The ink is applied to the surface of the box through a mesh screen. This method allows for detailed and colorful designs that are suitable for custom packaging.


Digital Printing

Printing designs directly onto packaging materials using electronic transmission. It offers flexibility, cost-effectiveness and customization for smaller print runs.


UV Printing

Uses UV light to cure the ink immediately producing vibrant colors, enhanced durability and a glossy finish.


Flexographic Printing

Transferring ink to various substrates, such as cardboard boxes, using flexible letterpress plates is a common and efficient way to print large quantities with versatility and high quality.


Gravure Printing

Printing with rubber plates has the advantages of light printing pressure, high printing quality, wide range of applications, etc., and can achieve bright colors and delicate images.


Lasers engraving

The laser makes small cuts and engravings on the packaging material, cutting through the surface of the box and generating a skeleton pattern to form beautiful graphics.


EVA insert

EVA inserts can be molded 1:1 according to the shape of the product. It has good elasticity, flexibility, anti-stamping, and can well protect the goods from damage by external factors.



Sponge & Pearl Cotton Insert

Sponge is a kind of porous material, rich in good ductility and elasticity, good protection of fragile goods. Pearl cotton is made of low-density polyethylene resin through physical foaming to produce countless independent air bubbles.



Cardboard insert

Cardboard inserts are eco-friendly, easy to load and unload, and can be die-cut into various shapes of grooves to hold products in place.



Blister & paper-molded insert

Blister inserts are made from 1:1 injection molding and are more stable and compression-resistant than other inserts. The paper-plastic inserts are the newest environmentally friendly inserts, made of paper and fiber pulp, and are most commonly used for cell phone inserts.




The surface shows raised patterns and textures with obvious relief three-dimensionality, which enhances the artistic infectivity of the printed matter



The surface shows concave patterns and textures with obvious relief three-dimensionality, which enhances the artistic infectivity of the printed matter

spot uv

spot UV

Curing localized UV coating in designated areas, matte or glossy, to enhance the three-dimensionality and artistic effect of the pattern.


UV Vanish

Curing the ink by UV irradiation makes the surface smooth and glossy. It enhances color, glossiness.


Gold & Silver Foil

Transfer different metal foils, such as gold, silver, etc. to the surface of the package by thermal transfer, forming a unique metallic luster.



On the surface of the packaging coated with different materials of the protective film to make it more texture and aesthetics, and increase its moisture-proof, tear-proof and other properties.



Translucent engraving processing background or let the hollowed out part become a pattern. It allows consumers to visualize the product and increase the attractiveness of the product.



It can produce holographic patterns, rainbow luster unique visual effects on the box, with high resolution and accuracy, applicable to a variety of materials.

We create your packaging design

During the design development phase, we translate your initial concept into a concrete design solution, while ensuring that the design is visually appealing and functionally satisfying for product protection and marketing. Our design team maintains close communication with you during this phase to ensure that the design solution meets your expectations and the needs of the marketplace.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design-1


  • Create original graphics based on the product and brand story, or carefully select graphic elements that match the brand image.
  • Consider the scalability of the pattern to ensure visual consistency and appeal across different sizes and materials.

Color Strategy

  • Apply color psychology principles to color combinations that stimulate emotional responses from target consumers.
  • Provide a variety of choices in color schemes, including primary, secondary and accent colors, to suit different markets.

Font & Typography

  • Select fonts to ensure that the font style harmonizes with the brand image and product identity.
  • Careful design of text layout, including the hierarchy of headlines, subheads and body text, as well as the smoothness of reading.

Layout Planning

  • Rationally plan the layout of the box to ensure that all information is clearly visible and the visual focus is prominent.
  • Consider the user’s experience of opening the package and design a structure that is easy to recognize and operate.

Detail refinement

  • Incorporate the brand identity and other recognizable elements, such as logos and slogans, into the design.
  • Repeatedly polish every detail in the design, including the treatment of pattern edges and the naturalness of color transitions.

Design Review

  • The design team conducts multiple rounds of internal reviews to ensure that the design is flawless and meets the requirements for printing and production.
  • Clients are invited to participate in the design review to collect feedback and make necessary adjustments.

Personalization Elements

To highlight your brand and enhance the user experience, you can personalize different special printing techniques, textures, shapes, etc., such as foil stamping, holographic, etc.

Hair extension box

Hot Stamping

Utilizing hot pressing technology to apply metallic foil on the surface of the package, adding a sense of luxury.

beauty box


Transparent window is provided to display the product directly and enhance the visual appeal.



Use holographic film or holographic printing technology to produce unique reflective effect.

custom box inserts-1


Create unique shapes and patterns through a precise die-cutting process.

Size Planning

  • Precise calculation of the external dimensions of the box based on product size, weight and expected stacking.
  • Optimize box dimensions to reduce wasted space, taking into account the efficiency of transportation and storage.

Shape Innovation

  • Design unique box shapes, such as shaped boxes, open-window boxes or sky-lid boxes, to enhance product presentation and user experience.
  • Consider product protection needs and design appropriate internal support structures, such as foam pads and dividers.

Functional elements

  • According to product characteristics and usage scenarios, design practical functional elements, such as flaps, handles, latches, magnets, etc.
  • Ensure that these elements provide convenience without affecting the overall aesthetics and printing effect of the package.

Material Adaptation

  • According to the chosen box type and printing method, select the appropriate material, such as cardboard, corrugated cardboard, etc.
  • Consider the thickness, strength and printability of the material to ensure the feasibility of the design in production.

User Experience

  • Design boxes that are easy to open and close to enhance the user experience during unpacking and use.
  • For special-purpose packaging such as gift boxes, consider adding decorative elements such as ribbons and labels.

Green Consideration

  • Incorporate environmental concepts into the structural design, such as using recyclable materials and reducing unnecessary layers of packaging.
  • Design packaging structures that are easy to recycle or degrade to reduce the impact on the environment.

Structural design

Structural design

Custom Packaging Box That Fit Your Brand

Custom box based on your preferred size and design. A wide range of internal box sizes and materials are available.

Trusted Chinese Box Inserts Supplier

Our technical and industrial teams offer a wealth of expertise to support you in defining your printed packaging projects and ensure perfect compatibility between our packaging and your products and brands, thus guaranteeing our mutual success.

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Roland Printing Machine
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Quality Control
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Automatic Laminating
automatic mounting
Automatic Mounting
automatic die cutting
Automatic Die Cutting
Automatic Box Gluing

We contribute to sustainability

Recyclable Materials
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reducing the burden on the environment.

Reduced carbon emissions
0 %

committing ourselves to green production.

Energy Saving
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Using advanced energy-saving technologies

Reduced Water Use
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Advanced water recycling system and water saving measures.

Can’t Find Ideal Custom Packaging For Your Industries?

We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer free pakcing samples that you can take advantage of.

what makes us different

Premium service you won't experience with other providers


Our fully automated production floor enables us to deliver initial packaging prototypes in 5 days as well as reduce average production cycles by 8 days compared to the industry standard.


In addition to a <1% defect rate, we employ microsensor scanning to ensure each dimension adheres within 0.2mm of specifications.


We offer over 50 customizable box materials from sustainably-sourced paperboard to luxe metals and acrylics, along with more than 100 customizable finishes and production capabilities.

Sustainable Solutions

Our product range incorporates the latest innovations such as recycled inks, renewable grommets and fully compostable materials. We offer extensive consulting to help our customers achieve their ecological goals.


We continually re-invest 12% of profits into R&D, having pioneered enhancements this year alone like antimicrobial coatings, user-replaceable plastic films, and paper-foam composites.

Cost Savings

Box customization through our end-to-end capabilities provides efficiency benefits reflected in savings of 15-30% for 70% of customers compared to alternatives.

Consult with an Exclusive Customized Packaging Specialist

One-stop service and favorable price

From design to printing, one-stop service saves your time. Provide bulk discounts for wholesalers to reduce purchasing costs.

Excellent printing quality

Advanced printing technology ensures bright colors and clear patterns. Use environmentally friendly materials to show corporate social responsibility.

Volume discounts

We offer competitive prices and volume discounts to reduce your purchasing costs and increase profit margins.

Flexible Logistics Arrangement

We cooperate with a number of logistics companies to ensure that your goods can be delivered to their destinations safely and on time.

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