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Printing Capacity

With state-of-the-art printing equipment and comprehensive printing capabilities that provide you with high-definition, consistent image results, there are no limits to our printing capabilities, ensuring that your large-scale projects are met precisely and on time.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a lithographic printing technique capable of printing from a single color to as many as six colors (including spot colors), and is commonly used for high-quality box printing.


Offset Printing Packaging Boxes

Offset printing delivers exceptional quality and consistency for packaging – clear images, vibrant colors that maintain brand accuracy across volumes to meet highest standards. Also convenient through quick turnarounds, versatile designs/sizes, easy graphic changes based on needs.

Suitability of Offset Printing

Offset printing is most suitable for high-quality packaging printing – folding cartons, boxes, labels – with outstanding print quality, ideal 1.5K to 50K+ batch sizes, quick turnarounds, fewer setups costs, and ability to add special finishes.

Offset printing process

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is a flexible printing technology capable of directly printing up to 10 colors with vibrant colors, rich details and consistent printing results.


Flexographic printing Packaging Boxes

Flexographic printing is ideal for high volume packaging – corrugated boxes, folding cartons, bags and flexible materials. With runs above 100k+ pieces, the high speed process enables large volumes at low cost. It maintains consistent, quality graphics across diverse porous and non-porous substrates, facilitated by process versatility.

Suitability of Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing maintains excellent color and image reproduction on all package surfaces, uses fast-drying inks, and allows easy graphics/text changes during high-volume production.

Flexographic printing process

screen printing

Screen printing is a printing technique by means of screen stencils, capable of single to multi-color printing, usually no more than 6 colors. In box printing, screen printing provides clear, vibrant graphics suitable for large area coverage and special effects.


Screen Printing Packaging Boxes

Screen printing offers uniquely rich, vivid packaging inks, including metallics, that maintain essential thickness for tactile impact. It economically prints on complex uneven, 3D box surfaces, facilitating quick design iterations vital for testing creative structural and graphical concepts on short prototype runs.

Suitability of Screen Printing

Screen printing suits packaging prototypes, short-runs, niche items – ideal for limited 10 to 1,000 units on diverse box materials. Its manual approach allows quick design changes. Rich screen inks print effectively on varied porous/nonporous surfaces, even curved or uneven.

Screen printing process

Digital Printing

Digital printing technology offers flexible color options, often capable of printing up to four colors (CMYK) or more. Crisp and vibrant printing on boxes lends itself to personalization and small production runs, but can be slightly more costly than traditional printing


Digital Printing Packaging Boxes

Digital printing delivers photographic, high resolution graphics while maintaining precise color consistency vital for branding, especially on premium thick cardstocks that enable innovative luxury presentations affordably. With no plates, digital uniquely facilitates economical short prototype runs from 1-500 units to creatively test new custom packaging concepts with low risk before larger rollouts.

Suitability of Digital Printing

Digital printing uniquely facilitates high-quality, economic short-run packaging for prototypes, customization testing before commitments. On-demand capabilities print 1-500 boxes cost-effectively when required, saving inventory. Further, variable data printing allows customizing each carton, exploring personalization, regionalization innovations at low risk before larger rollouts.

Digital printing process

UV Printing

UV printing offers high gloss and abrasion resistance in packaging and typically supports four-color (CMYK) printing with the addition of spot or metallic colors. Printing on boxes with bright, long-lasting colors is suitable for high-end packaging, but at a higher cost.


UV Printing Packaging Boxes

UV Printing technology offers vivid, high-resolution prints on textured surfaces, with instantly cured inks preventing smudging or peeling. It enhances packaging with a tactile feel, while its durable prints resist moisture and fading, ensuring long-lasting quality and brand integrity.

Suitability of UV Printing

Ideal for premium labels, cartons, and boxes, UV printing technology handles medium batches (500-5,000 pieces). It excels in vibrant color and effects on wood, glass, and plastic, allowing direct printing on final packaging shapes for efficient, versatile solutions.

UV printing process

Gravure Printing

UV printing offers high gloss and abrasion resistance in packaging and typically supports four-color (CMYK) printing with the addition of spot or metallic colors. Printing on boxes with bright, long-lasting colors is suitable for high-end packaging, but at a higher cost.


Gravure Printing Packaging Boxes

Gravure Printing excels in delivering unmatched print quality with fine halftone images, maintaining precise registration over millions of prints. Its consistency minimizes waste, making it ideal for industries requiring high-precision, long-duration printing solutions.

Suitability of Gravure Printing

Gravure Printing excels in high-volume runs exceeding 100,000 units, particularly for folding cartons, paperboard, and flexible film. Its efficiency handles long print runs seamlessly while accommodating diverse paper and film substrates for versatile applications.

Gravure printing process

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